Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Best celebrity makeup looks to steal

When it comes to looking perfect, many ladies turn to their favorite celebrities for advice. This may not come as a surprise to some fashionistas, as celebrities know what's up in terms of makeup and clothing. Allure Magazine recently broke down its favorite celebrity makeup moments and some are definitely worth giving a try.

Megan Fox
The new mama may be honing in on her maternal instinct as of late, but that doesn't mean she has strayed from looking fabulous. One of her best looks, according to the magazine, was when she rocked a soft smokey eye style.

To achieve a similar look, you'll need to pick up a few products including metallic gold and bronze eyeshadow and a bronze or brown eyeliner. When you have the materials, start by swiping on the golden hue on your top lids close to your lash line, do the same on the bottom lids. Next, apply the bronze color directly above the gold on top, pushing the color up to the crease lines. Finally, take the brown pencil and rim your eyes, finish off with volumizing mascara.

Emma Watson
Another style maven to emulate this holiday season, or anytime really, is the gorgeous and fresh Emma Watson. The magazine's favorite look from the starlet is a red and pink combo.

For this style, ladies will need a true red lipstick in a matte finish and a lovely pink product for your cheeks. Start on the lips by first rubbing off any imperfections like dead skin using a warm face cloth. When the lips are smooth, swipe on a lip balm to lock in moisture and then apply the red hue starting from the inner parts of your lips and moving out toward the outline. After the first coat, take a tissue, fold it in half and press your lips on it to get rid of any clumps, and then apply a second coat.

Complete the lovely look by swiping on the blush beginning at the apples of your cheeks and moving it up and out toward your temples for a natural feel.

Minka Kelly
Another gorgeous actress ladies may want to emulate is Minka Kelly. For a recent appearance, the actress went full on bronze. To rock a similar golden goddess style, start by applying your go-to foundation to act as the base of the style. Next, grab a shimmering sun-kissed bronzer and swipe it on directly under your cheekbones and up and out toward your ears for a natural look.

You should also use a makeup brush to apply a bit more bronzer on your forehead and the bridge of your nose. To keep with the summer-inspired trend, swipe peach-toned lipstick on your pout and add a top coat of gloss for perfection.

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