Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Calling all makeup risk-takers

Some people may have thought neon would soon be taking a backseat in fashion, yet it seems the bright, bold hues are here to stay. Teen Vogue recently sat down with a famed beauty blogger to learn the true tricks of the trade for rocking different varieties of neon eye makeup and ladies everywhere should try at least one this fall.

Orange tones
Orange continues to be a popular hue in the neon family and applying the perfect colors on your peepers is key. The blogger reports when going for orange start by applying the first layer of the hue using a fluffy brush from the inner corner of your eyes and then blending it toward the outer corners. You can help the color stand out more by dipping a different brush in a bit of water and then into the orange color before applying the second coat. This will help give it a cool dewy vibe.

The experts at the magazine add that strong eye styles call for equally as bold eyebrows. If yours are a bit weak right now, try filling them in using a natural-toned pencil that will easily blend with your true brow color.

Add in the pink
After the orange is perfectly covering your lids, it's time to make the style even more dramatic by bringing in a pink color. The beauty blogger reports the next step in this neon transformation is to grab another makeup brush and dip it in an equally neon pink eyeshadow and then blend it in with the orange from the outer corners and inward to the inner corners.

Once the hues are blended, use the pink to create even more style by making a shape into the orange. For example, you could chose to highlight the outer triangle of your top lids, or even add a vertical pink stripe down the middle of your top lids to offset the orange.

Mascara maven
When you feel happy about the chosen style on top, swipe on a few coats of mascara on your top and bottom lids. Since the colors are so bold, you don't need to use eyeliner or much makeup on your cheeks or lips.

Try a light pink product on your cheeks, from the apples of your cheeks and moving up toward your temples and a clear gloss or berry-toned lipstick on your pout for a natural vibe.

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