Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Carrie Underwood is radiant in London

It should be no surprise that Carrie Underwood showed up to a CD signing in London looking fabulous, but the diva was lovelier than usual for this outing - if that's possible. Perhaps the mega country star was just trying to spread her sunny attitude through the crowds of dreary England, but whatever the reason, she was working it.

Underwood's makeup was fresh and youthful, starting with a fun tangerine lip color with gold undertones. She then added tons of sun-kissed bronzer on her naturally high cheekbones using makeup brushes. For the eyes, Underwood enhanced her big brown peepers by first rimming them in black eyeliner, spreading the product out past her brow lines. She then added shimmering cream eyeshadow on the inner corners of her eyes, using darker brown and golden colors on her top lids.

The singer and actress kept a carefree vibe with her pale pink long sleeved mini-dress that had a lace detailing, allowing pops of white from the underlying fabric to peek out. Underwood added a bit of edge to the overall girlie feel through her metallic gold and black peep-toe booties and a three-quarter length leather jacket.   

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