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Colombian designer Amelia Toro stays true to her roots and stands out

Colombian fashion designer Amelia Toro's heritage makes her stand out from the crowd, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Other fashion designers from Columbia, like Pepa Pombo and Silvia Tcherassi, incorporate their flare for their homelands in their work, but not as heavily as Toro. She showcases some portion of her life in Columbia in each unique piece she creates - some costing upwards of $4,000 according to the publication.

Toro stands out from the crowd for another reason as well - she pays her indigenous suppliers well and in return they offer her the best in one-of-a-kind patterns and designs.

"My purpose is in mixing these cultures in a sophisticated and elegant way, so that these crafts continue and heritage is not lost," Toro, told the news outlet. "There are 100,000 designers out there, so you better have something different to say."

Being different and having your own flare is crucial to keeping individuality. Ladies today can show their own uniqueness through purchasing special pieces of clothing, though it may be more affordable to stand out through cosmetics.

Girls looking to be bold may want to get an eyeshdow palette full of vibrant colors. A 120 eyeshadow palette should do the trick. With so many options, you can have your eyeshadow match the color of your shirt or the fun dress you're wearing, or you can play up different looks such as a dark, smokey eye for a night on the town. Instead of using black, try using midnight or electric blue eye makeup to be different.

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