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Color me fancy

Makeup is a great way to express your personal style, especially as there are so many vibrant colors, styles and products to choose from. Glamour Magazine recently discussed the top colors of eyeliner to try out this summer and in this case, the bolder is the better.


For an all day application, select an eyeliner with a thin brush, as this razor sharp application will stay in place no matter what. Once you find a suitable liquid version, try out a few bright colors to see which ones you like best.

Electric blue

Blue is a great way to transition from black to a bolder eyeliner as the two hues are closely related. Electric blue eyeliner is perfect for the office or for a night out with friends. Makeup artist Jodie Boland told the news outlet with blue, the bigger the pencil the better. Use the product near the lashes on the top lids for work and then extend the hue out past the brow lines when you meet up with your friends in the evening.

Emerald green

Green is a perfect hue for most eye colors as it is warm yet enticing. When using this hue, try to find a pencil or a liquid liner with a thin applicator in order to create an understated style with it. Put it on top, or try it on your water lines with a metallic copper eyeshadow on your top lids to create a gorgeous style, The Beauty Department suggests.

Mellow yellow

When you think of colors to use on your eyes, yellow may not come to mind. However, Glamour reports this hue is both fun and surprising so why not give it a try? Makeup artist Pat McGrath said she's used it on runway models for years and it looks perfect in the summer.

"We translated the edible colors from the fashion prints going down the catwalk into really mouthwatering makeup shades," McGrath told the publication.

Tangerine dream

Orange continues to be one of the most popular colors of the summer. Because of this, it isn't actually that surprising to wear eyeliner in the hue. Try the color blocking technique by rimming your top lids in tangerine eyeliner and then applying a hot pink lip color on your pout. The combination is sure to impress.

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