Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Copper is the new smoky eye

Ashlee Simpson has had her share of ups and downs when it comes to her makeup and clothing choices. However, she was working some stunning makeup products while attending the Samsung Galaxy S III party in Beverly Hills recently. Glamour Magazine reports the stunning eyeshadow combination is something all fashionistas must try - now! 

The key to this winning look is having the perfect copper eyeshadow. According to the news outlet, Simpson enhanced her hazel eyes with tons of the metallic copper color and the results were amazing. To achieve a look like the younger Simpson sister, you'll first need to get the right products. Be sure to find a metallic copper eyeshadow, it might be smart to pick up a makeup palette with multiple metallic metal-tones for more options. You'll also need jet black eyeliner, copper or brown eyeshadow and volumizing mascara or false eyelashes to raise the bar. Once you've gathered all of your beauty products, it's time to get to work.

To start, use eye primer on your top and bottom lids to ensure the copper stays in both places. Let the product sit for a minute before moving on. Next, try out a few different copper shades on your hand to test which one you like the best, then use makeup brushes to apply it on your top lids - make it thicker close to your lash lines. Spread the product all the way up to your brow bones for a totally glowing look. Once the color is just right, use a fine liner brush to apply a layer of the copper on your bottom lids. Then, get your black eyeliner out and rim the top and bottom lids with the color. It's best to apply it after in this style to avoid smudging the color in with the copper. Once you've rimmed your eyes, finish off the fab style with tons of mascara or by applying false lashes for a dramatic, yet unique look.

InStyle Magazine reports because the eyes will give off such a warm vibe, the rest of your cosmetics should do the same. To achieve a "golden-girl" complexion, start by applying a pink blush with gold undertones on the top of your cheekbones, the brow bones and the bridge of your nose. Then, lightly dust on a touch of golden-brown bronzer on the apples of your cheeks for a stunning, yet understated glow. 

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