Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Coral - not just found under the sea

Most ladies stick to a few go-to shades of eyeshadow that they use for day and night. Although these old faithfuls work, trying something fresh and new can make any girl feel like a million bucks.

InStyle Magazine reports that one of the latest trends worth trying in eye makeup is coral eyeshadow. Stars like Mila Kunis have been known to rock this fab hue and the best part is that this subtle shade will go with almost any ensemble.

Kunis wore this color while attending the Academy Awards. Her makeup artists applied a mix of coral and shimmering gold tones that emphasized the beautiful lilac color of her dress. The addition of dark eyeliner on her upper and lower lids using a fine liner brush worked to intensify the neutral tones, making her eyes pop.

Ladies looking to try this style should keep the rest of their makeup simple - a touch of coral/pink blush on the cheeks and a sweet pink lip color will look fab.

Harper's Bazaar reports that the mix of coral and gold has also been popping up during runway shows. Models at the Derek Lam runway show in New York City wore the pair, while the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez was also seen rocking coral during American Idol last night. 

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