Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Covering up dark under-eye circles

Midterms may be taking a toll on your brain and social life, but don't let them show up on your face. Pulling late nights studying and then waking up for that exam during first period can leave you with dark under-eye circles. What's worse is when your eyes look tired, but you're not.

According to Teen Vogue, dark circles are often hereditary, but they can also crop up when you are overtired. What is key to remember is that less is more when trying to hide your under-eye circles. One of the biggest mistakes many girls make is using heavy concealer around the eye. These types of cosmetics are better suited to cover up big blemishes, and may only highlight your dark circles.

Instead of starting out with concealer, apply foundation first to see how well that works, the publication suggests. If you still need more coverage, add some concealer in a tone just a tad lighter than your skin tone.

The eyeshadow palette that you wear can also make a huge difference when it comes to brightening your eyes. If you tend to get dark circles, stay away from dark eyeshadow, as this may make the circles seem darker. Instead, stick to shimmery light shades and skip eyeliner. Use eyeshadow tips like putting light colors in the inner corners of your eyes to really open them up. 

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