Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Eyeshadow shades that look good enough to eat

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin is not shy about trying new fashion or cosmetic trends and she was recently seen working it while attending the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in a daring eyeshadow color. InStyle reports that the lovely actress was seen rocking a cool mint green eyeshadow along with tons of chunky fashion jewelry. 

According to the magazine, Goodwin chose to keep her look funky and fresh with the addition of this cool color and ladies can easily try out this same style with a few simple steps. 

For this makeup trend, get your face ready by applying a base coat of foundation using makeup brushes. Next it's on to the good stuff - start applying the eye color heavy at the inner eye on the upper lids. Then apply a thinner line to the outer lid and put a lighter coat on the rest of lid - up to the crease. Goodwin also illuminated her lower lids by applying a shimmering cream eyeshadow under her eyes, which brought some light and airiness to the entire look. Add some jet black mascara to finish off this daring style.

Downplay the rest of your makeup by simply applying a touch of warm bronzer to your cheeks and a nude lip color or a clear lip gloss.

Glamour Magazine reports that other celebs like Miley Cyrus and Alexis Bledel have been seen rocking another funky pastel hue - lavender. Feel free to try this shade or any other lighter tones to stand out from the crowds.  

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