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Eyeshadow trend: The opposite of smoky eye

Eye makeup is fun for a number of reasons - eyeshadows and eyeliners come in a number of colors and variations, from sparkly greens to matte blacks. While it can be fun to play with color on your eyes, one of the biggest trends on the runway this season is sheer eyeshadow.

Sheer eyeshadow is essentially the opposite of the smoky eye, according to Self Magazine. Because it is less dramatic and less intense, it is more wearable for a number of women and makes a perfect daytime look.

The news source recommends using a cream eyeshadow to best achieve this look. These are created using a blend of silicone and emollient, giving them a creamy texture that makes them easy to use. When you use the right brush, you can even turn this type of shadow into an eyeliner.  Apply a shade of pearlescent ivory from inner corner to outer corner of your eyes to make them look bright and alert.

In addition, using a larger brush can help achieve the sheer eyeshadow trend, the news outlet reports. A tapered brush about the size of your eyelid will help you sweep the light color to give you a "washed" look.

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