Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Fair-skinned ladies can wear gold too!

Ladies with fair skin like the gorgeous Jessica Chastain may be fearful of trying to wear gold-hued cosmetics as the color can sometimes make you look washed out. However, with a few simple tips, you can feel free to rock this sassy color without fear.

According to InStyle Magazine, the best way to wear warm tones if you have a fair complexion is to make sure the rest of your makeup products are in a similar family. For example, if you want to wear shimmering gold eyeshadow, you'll also need to apply a warm toned bronzer or blush on your cheeks and a muted lip color like cranberry red lipstick on your pout.

If you think you may go overboard with the golds and browns and end up looking like Snooki, you can try a softer apricot toned blush instead to achieve similar results. Blend the product in with your hands for a natural flushed look.

Glamour Magazine reports Kristen Bell recently wore gold eyeshadow with more modern lip shade - coral. This version may be best to try in the summer months when you're skin may have a hint of a natural glow. 

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