Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Fuschia and green? Emily Blunt rocks them like a queen

No one disputes that jewel tones are in style and flattering for a variety of skin tones. But Emily Blunt took a risk with these bold hues at the Tribeca Film Festival recently, wearing extremely bold fuschia lipstick with an emerald green ensemble.

Her dress for the event was mostly black with an appliqued design across the chest in brilliant green thread. Her chunky emerald earrings matched her dress perfectly, too. All this matching must have been what inspired Blunt to choose such a contrasting lip color.

Fuschia often gets overlooked in favor of more universally flattering shades on a lip palette, like soft pinks, reds and even corals. But this bold hue is a smart way to stand out in a sea of women in red lipstick or clear lip gloss.

Now, Blunt's look might not have worked had she not kept the rest of her look more subdued. She wore her hair slicked back to allow her makeup palette to take all the attention. She also wore a swipe of black liquid eyeliner on her lids but kept her eyeshadow palette minimal and neutral, with just enough light shimmer to highlight her eyes. 

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