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Get Shailene Woodley's A+ worthy cosmetics

Throughout this entire award season, young actress Shailene Woodley has had some ups and downs in terms of fashion triumphs and failures. Although some people might not have liked the white long-sleeved gown she wore to the Oscars, no one can deny how fabulous her cosmetics were - and Glamour Magazine agrees.

According to the source, Woodley did everything right when it came to her makeup, as she emphasized her best features - her big brown eyes and she didn't go overboard. Being young means you are able to keep a fresh face, so the key is to simply enhance what what your mama gave you.

Woodley started her look of perfection by using a rich brown eyeliner on her upper and lower lids, which helped to soften the eyeliner rather than make it the focal point. She then added a shimmering cream-colored eyeshadow on her top lids, followed by a copper toned eyeshadow that was applied from her crease and up to her brow line. This color added depth to her eyes, while jet black mascara brought volume to her lashes. Elle Magazine added that copper or bronze tones also looks great with a touch of sunset pink eyeshadow at the inner corners.

The natural beauty used makeup brushes to apply a touch of bronzer along her cheekbones and rocked a muted brown and cranberry red lip color on her pout. Woodley's simple look could complement an equally easy-going prom dress or even one with tons of drama and flair.

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