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Get the Gwyneth Paltrow smoky eye

Let's face it, actress Gwyneth Paltrow may be getting a bit older, but when you count Beyonce as one of your best girl friends, you still need to look fierce. Case in point - Paltrow's out-of-this-world smoky eyes during the Michael Kors Golden Heart Gala. Glamour Magazine reports the actress still knows how to rock the red carpet, and ladies everywhere need to try her version of the classic look if they want to stand out.

The fashion gurus spoke with Paltrow's personal makeup artist to get the inside scoop on the must-have eye makeup. The artist admitted she gained inspiration from Paltrow's black cutout dress.

"The hard edges of the dress told me that her makeup should be minimal and focus on one feature," the makeup artist told the news source. "She suggested a smoky eye, but I took it a touch heavier than she's used to, luckily, she liked it! I love her in a dark smoky eye, particularly with a little navy and gray blended with black. I opted to forgo lining the inner rim, which I felt gave her smoky eye a softness."

For this look, you'll need navy and gray shadow, black eyeliner and mascara.

The artist reports the first step in this procedure is to curl your eyelashes and then apply a few coats of volumizing mascara on your top and bottom lids. When the curl is perfect, grab the navy eyeshadow and smudge it along your top lashes and blend it up into the lids using a blending brush. Then apply more of the product along the outer corner of your lower eye lids.

When the navy is in place, switch to the dark gray product and press the color into the outer v-shape of your top lids - all the way up to the crease lines. This will provide the eyes with definition and dimension.

Once the v is sufficiently lined, grab the black eyeliner and spread it out along your top lashes and the outer one-third of your bottom lashes - connect the product on top and bottom from the outside corners to complete this fab style.

Since the eyes are meant to be the focus of the look, keep the rest of your makeup simple. Paltrow donned a touch of golden brown bronzer on her cheeks and a light pink gloss on her lips - you could try similar products to achieve perfection.

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