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Get the inside scoop on Emily VanCamp's stellar makeup

Actress Emily VanCamp has been on a few hit shows, though her current television drama "Revenge" may be her best work. This natural beauty doesn't wear too much makeup, and the products she does use work to enhance what her mama gave her, according to InStyle Magazine.

The fashion magazine recently spoke with VanCamp's personal makeup artist, Rosie Johnson, to gain some insider information on how the actress always looks so good. Johnson admits that makeup artists can tend to go heavy on cosmetics, but with VanCamp, she tries to keep her client looking youthful and fresh instead.

"Emily is so young and beautiful, so it’s important that her skin always looks radiant," Johnson told the news source.

To achieve a modern and young look like VanCamp, start by using a face primer to smooth out any imperfections, then apply a dewy, sun-kissed bronzer all over your face, going a bit heavier on your cheeks using makeup brushes. For the eyes, start by rimming your upper and lower lids in dark, chocolate brown eyeliner for a softer feel and make the top section a bit thicker using a blending brush.  Add a touch of gold eyeshadow to the crease lines and dab a bit of cream toned eyeshadow at the inner corner of your eyes and a bit above the crease lines for a surprising glow.

Moving onto the lips, try to find a warm pink lip color with peach undertones as this hue is perfect for spring and summer.

Glamour Magazine reports Kate Middleton has been seen wearing similar cosmetics as well, and what girl doesn't want to look like a princess?

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