Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Get your beauty tips from Beyonce

She may have a baby now, but Beyonce Knowles is still one of the most classy, stylish and beautiful young women entertaining us today. She spilled her beauty secrets to Glamour Magazine recently, so even if you can't belt it out like she can, maybe you can steal her makeup ideas.

Listen to your mother. Beyonce says she tries her best to listen to mother Tina Knowles' advice when it comes to beauty. Your mom has been there, done that, so when you're in a pinch about how to apply eyeshadow or some other product, see if mom has any ideas.

Let your natural beauty shine. Beyonce is not shy about going without makeup, and when she is wearing cosmetics, she still likes to look like herself, her makeup artist, Jackie Gomez, told the magazine. She often wears bronzer and blush that match her natural complexion.

Give your hair extra attention. In addition to wearing the best eyeshadow and face primer, Beyonce treats her hair well, the magazine reports. The singer uses a hot oil concoction containing vitamin E that she wears under a heating cap to hydrate her famous mane. 

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