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Getting ready for 2012: The pearl trend

From Audrey Hepburn to Hilary Clinton, pearls have been a staple in the wardrobes of all types of women for decades. However, pearls are going to have a moment this spring, if Chanel's spring line was any indicator.

Lucky Magazine reports that almost every aspect of Chanel's spring line, recently showcased on the runway, involved some type of pearl. But the designer thought outside the classic necklace strand. Attached to the models' belts, adorning their hair, necks, ears and arms, the pearl theme was undeniable. Even nail polishes have been inspired by this semi-precious shimmer.

Pearls were also found on the models' faces at the show, the news source reports. While pearls have classically been paired with red lips and an elegant updo for a retro look, the gemstone of the oyster is now inspiring its own makeup trends. Many eyeshadows have an opalescent finish. Nearly any hue can warm up your skin tone with this shimmery quality - pinks, blues, greens and golds can all take on this shine and make your face glow. 

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