Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Glossy lids - how to rock this summer trend

Having oily skin was never a particularly trendy look - whether that shine was on your forehead, chin or eyelids. However, shiny eye makeup is one of the hottest trends of the summer, so you might want to think twice before taking your blotting papers to your lids.

Naturally oily eyelids are not exactly the trend, but there are ways to create this look on purpose, according to Whitney Port's blog. Like lip gloss, adding some shine to your usual eyeshadow palette is a great way to make your eye makeup stand out and prove that you're up on the trends.

What's great about this trend is that it can work on any color eyeshadow you choose - whether you're going for a bright shade or keeping it neutral. Apply eye primer to make sure the color glides on smoothly and stays on. Then, apply the colors you want on your eyelid, being careful to perform an even application. Then, slick Vaseline or another ointment over the color, filling in with more color if necessary. You can also try out the various glossy eyeshadow products on the market today. 

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