Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Gossip Girl style on-screen and off

It's easy to envy the stars of Gossip Girl. On-screen, these wealthy Upper-East-Siders get to enjoy the finest things in life, from clothing and jewelry to cosmetics and hair.

It's easy to be an It girl like Serena van der Woodsen when you can wear designer fashion pieces and get fabulous blowouts on those long blonde locks. While actress Blake Lively, who plays Serena on the hit show, rocks a style slightly different from her bohemian-chic character, the two share makeup secrets. Lively told Allure magazine that she loves the lip gloss and eyeliner that her makeup artist uses on the show.

Blair Waldorf is known for her preppy sense of style and her classic beauty. Off-set, actress Leighton Meester rocks a bit of an edgier style than her up-tight character. However, she too would probably steal some cosmetics from Blair's makeup bag.

The actress told Marie Claire that she relates to Blair's classic style, though isn't afraid to go a little more causal sometimes. Still, the brunette beauty says she always curls her eyelashes and wears blush, even when she's not going for a complete made-up look. 

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