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Guys have spoken - less is more when it comes to makeup

Many ladies might think they know what their men like, however in many cases for guys less equals more. Girls who are frustrated with not knowing what exactly their men are thinking when they try out that new bronzer or lip gloss needn't look any further as Glamour Magazine recently gave its best advice for what a guy wants.

According to the source, you might love that new shade of tangerine or red lipstick, however your hunny might not. In fact, most guys across America who were polled for this feature in the magazine reported to preferring natural lips or clear lip gloss over a color.

"I don't have to worry about getting lipstick on my face," Mike, 23, told the publication.

The simpler the better also rings true for most guys when it comes to eye makeup. According to the magazine, most guys prefer their ladies to rock just a touch of neutral toned eyeshadow or just a touch of mascara.

"Less makeup sends a sign of more self-confidence," Jordan, 31, told the news source.

Although many guys might want less makeup on their ladies, there are certain occasions where girls can break out and take a walk on the wild side, prom being one of them.

Elle Magazine suggests ladies going out for a big date or to an event such as prom or a wedding should opt to rock more makeup. Try going for a bold red lipstick and smoky eyes to have your guy drooling over the change from your day-to-day look. 

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