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Heavy eyeliner CAN work in the summer!

The temperatures are rising rapidly across the country, leading many ladies to ditch the heavy, fussy makeup palettes in favor of simpler looks. However, if you love your liner, there is no need to skimp on it this summer. Here are three ways to make eyeliner work all the way through the dog days of summer.

Keep it simple

If you must wear heavy black liner, make sure that's the only "statement" makeup you have on. You may want to keep the rest of your eyeshadow palette minimal by using light, summery shades like champagne and apricot to help your peepers pop. Use the lighter, more neutral shades on your lip palette, too. Of course, make sure your eyeliner is waterproof and smudge-proof so it lasts through summer sweat.

Switch up the color

Do you wear heavy black eyeliner all winter long? Just like you shed your heavy coats and sweaters for light, breezy clothes in the summer, consider swapping out your favorite black liner with a colored one. Navy blue is a fun twist on dark liner without being too bold, but you might also want to take the summer months as an opportunity to try bright hues, too. Try sweeping a turquoise or lavender liner over your upper lid and giving your lashes a coat of mascara. Keep your blush and bronzer minimal with this look. 

Lighten it up

While black liquid liner can work in the summer, your makeup palette might look lighter and more carefree if you opt for lighter shades. Line your upper lashes with a bronze or light brown pencil, then wear a pearly white eyeliner on the bottom lash line. This combination will open up your eyes and make you look more awake. Bonus: it looks great on a tan!

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