Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Hey brown-eyed girls - mix it up!

Van Morrison may have put you on the map and made everyone realize how special and gorgeous you brown-eyed ladies are, but you might still need a little push when it comes to eye makeup ideas that best accentuate your beautiful chestnut or caramel-hued irises.

Brown is actually the most versatile eye color to have when it comes to makeup, and it is the easiest to accentuate. Still, it seems like brown-eyed girls get stuck in the worst makeup ruts, whether it's a classic smoky eye or neutral shadow and eyeliner.

Since virtually no colors are off limits, the best eyeshadow for brown eyes could be any color you want! A warm shade of orchid purple would look lovely on lighter brown eyes, while dark browns can look dazzling in a deep emerald green eyeshadow. If you don't want to draw too much attention to the makeup, wear colored eyeliner, instead. Usually, lining the eyes with black or dark brown eyeliner is a good way to accentuate those beautiful irises, but a little color could be a fun way to mix it up.

Eye makeup isn't the only way to make your peepers stand out, though. According to, a rosy pink blush applied to the apples of your cheeks is a great way to enhance your eye color. Bright raspberry lips are another flattering look for brown-eyed ladies. 

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