Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
How do runway models look so interesting?

You'll never see a model strut down the runway who looks boring. Feathers, glitter and other bling adorn their clothes and hair, and their professional makeup palettes are all kinds of shades of bright that you could never pull off in real life. Or could you?

According to Glamour Magazine, there are several makeup ideas you can steal from the models. You can wear colorful eyeshadow, vibrant lips and add a little pizazz to your updo just like they do on the runway.

Pastel eyeshadow palettes have been one of the hottest trends, and unlike other wacky eye makeup trends, these are totally wearable. Sweep a shade of lavender or seafoam green across your eyelids next time you go out. Another colorful runway trend you can wear is bright coral or tangerine lipstick. Beware though - never wear these two trends together! Pick a feature to highlight and keep the rest of your makeup palette neutral.

Models often have massive, eccentric and intricate headpieces and other hair accessories. While you don't necessarily want to wear a massive crown of peacock feathers to school, you can add a little texture to your ponytail with a crimping iron or add in ribbons or flowers to your bun for a little spice. 

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