Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
How to apply eye makeup to center your eyes

Our most unique features are what make us beautiful, but sometimes you wish there was just a little something you could change about your face. Having close-set or wide-set eyes is something you can't change, but luckily you can learn how to apply makeup in a way that creates the illusion of perfect symmetry.

If your eyes are small or set close together, choose an eyeshadow palette that is a mix of a shimmery hue and some darker ones. Women's Health Magazine recommends dusting the pale shadow that reflects light across the inner three-quarters corners of your eyelid, then sweep a dark color from your lash line to the crease at the outer corner. Only add eye liner to your outer corner, and then mascara. Line the inner corners of your eyes with beige or shimmery gold eyeliner.

Girls who have wide-set eyes will want to visually shrink the distance between them using dark colors. You will want to apply dark eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes and be sure not to miss the inner lashes with mascara, the news outlet reports. Sweep a lighter hue along the middle of your eyelid and continue through the outer corner. You can use makeup brushes to make the colors fade into a lighter hue on the outer corner, too. 

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