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How to avoid Katy Perry's purple mistakes

Amidst the glitz and glam at the Billboard Music Awards, certain stars stood out, and not always in a good way. Katy Perry was one attendee to the annual awards show who might end up on the worst dressed list - mostly because of her high-contrast makeup palette that did not do justice to her porcelain complexion.

The singer followed her recent pattern of matching her gown, hair and makeup, but this time, she was a vision in violet. Her iridescent floor-length gown shimmered in a shade of pinky-lilac, but her hair and makeup did not follow this spring pastel trend. Her black hair featured dark purple streaks that clashed with her dress.

The hair and dress combination might have worked on Perry, who is known for her outlandish fashion choices, if her makeup had been light and airy. However, it was anything but. Makeup palettes are supposed to enhance your natural coloring, but it seemed that Perry's was competing with her naturally alabaster skin. She wore deep raspberry lipstick and dark eyeliner with a frosty pink blush.

The overall effect of Perry's ensemble was cold, even though she was rocking some of the hottest trends of spring - pastels and raspberry lip color. You can avoid her mistakes, though. If you are planning on rocking raspberry lips or another bold hue, pick one with reddish undertones that match your skintone. You can prevent the goth effect that Katy had by stocking up on bronzer and warm blush when you wear this trend, too. Wearing plenty of bronzer with dark lip gloss or lipstick is crucial to lower the contrast against your skin.

Pastels are fine on clothing, but try to experiment with these hues on your nails and eyelids, too. Pastel eyeshadow looks great with a neutral lip color, but you can rock pastel nailpolish with any ensemble. 

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