Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
How to look extra good in this year's holiday photos

With all the holiday parties to attend this season, it's a given that you will be photographed at least a few times. You may not have to face the same bright paparazzi flashes like the celebrities do on the red carpet, but you can still borrow a makeup trend from them that will make your skin glow in this year's holiday pictures.

Glamour Magazine explains how to apply makeup to two spots on your face in a way that can "open" it up. Whether you accent these spots with shimmery blush, highlighter or sparkly eyeshadow, they will subtly catch light from the flash.

The first one is the upper part of your cheekbones. This is a perfect place to apply a shimmery blush palette or a glowing bronzer with a broad kabuki brush. The second is under the arch of the eyebrow. While highlighter can be used for both of these purposes, a good eyeshadow can achieve the same result. Some eyeshadow palettes come with a light and glittery option - this is the perfect product for your brow bone. 

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