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How to pencil your eyebrows without looking like X-Tina at her worst

If you were born with thick, bushy eyebrows, you might hate the constant maintenance they require. However, a little over-grooming can lead you to the opposite problem - remember when Christina Aguilera had those thin little pencil strokes as eyebrows? Many of us face that panicked moment when we realize we plucked just a little too much. But have no fear! Pencil can come to the rescue.

You don't necessarily have to have gone tweezer crazy to need a pencil, either. In fact, Aguilera seems to have naturally thin, light and sparse eyebrows. Makeup artists say that almost every model you see in magazines or on TV has her eyebrows filled in, too. So, it's not just for clowns!

The trick is to get a good pencil in the right color. Look for one that is soft, since others can be overly waxy and won't allow you to give the brows a light shadow, according to Oprah Magazine. The color of your pencil should generally be about two or three shades lighter than your hair color.

To get a good overall shadow, brush the hairs downward and lightly trace over the uppermost border of the brow. Then, brush them back into their normal place and apply small, light strokes at the innermost corners, working outward. It is important to apply the color all throughout the brow, according to Cosmopolitan Magazine. If you only color in the patchy spots, you'll end up with the opposite problem! Penciling in the whole brow gives an even, continuous look.

It is also important to apply your eye pencil at the right time in your makeup routine. Pencil in your brows after you apply your foundation, then apply your eye makeup, blush and lip color

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