Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
How to Pull Off Blue Eye Shadow

Blue eyeshadow was once one of the biggest makeup faux pas, too reminiscent of the brightly-colored tackiness of the 1980's for anyone to seriously attempt it. However, the shade has made a comeback on the red carpets in Hollywood, with stars like Emma Stone and Anna Kendrick pulling it off with modern-day class.

According to Elle Magazine, blue eyeshadow is flattering on almost everyone, no matter the color of your skin, hair or eyes. In addition, it has the ability to brighten sleepy red eyes and sallow-looking skin, as well as neutralize under-eye circles.

If you have dark skin, opt for a blue eyeshadow palette that has warm gold flecks - colors may range from aquamarine to sky blue. Paler skin tones can pull off cooler colors such as deep cobalt and periwinkle, the news source reports.

Kendrick accented her deep blue eyes and porcelain skin with a periwinkle shade that gradually lightens as it reaches the brow bone. Kendrick's makeup has a modern spin thanks to the deep navy blue eyeliner that rims her entire eyes and the swoosh of sapphire shadow that covers her lids. 

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