Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
How your eyes can determine which blush shade is best

Choosing a blush based on your skin tone is old news in the world of cosmetics. While certain shades look great on certain skin tones, your eye color can also determine which hues will give you the best glow.

If you have blue eyes, shades of peach or icy pink will draw the most attention to your peepers, making your whole face light up. Plum blush has the opposite effect, making your eyes seem smaller, according to Women's Health Magazine.

Green-eyed girls look best in any shade of pink. Because red and green are complementary colors, pink blush makes your eye color look even brighter and more vibrant. Stay away from purple hues, as they can neutralize the golden flecks in your eyes, making them appear dull.

Brown-eyed beauties glow in the plum shades that shrink blue eyes. Dark eyes tend to have specks of yellow in them, which helps them stand out next to pinky-purple hues on the cheeks. Brown eyes can look drab when there are neutral or brown makeup palettes on your cheeks.

Pink blush with cool violet undertones like mauve play up the green, charcoal and amber in hazel eyes, while orangey pinks can make hazel eyes look dull.

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