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Include your waterlines in your makeup routine

Fashionistas may think they know it all when it comes to the best new trends in cosmetics. However, one trend that ladies might have overlooked is the tiny detail of waterlines. Yes, waterlines - the area on your bottom lids that are closest to your eye. Most women only apply eyeliner under their lashes on their bottom lids, but applying it on the waterlines can actually make a more intense impression. The style was recently discussed on Lauren Conrad's The Beauty Department blog and the former reality TV star gives great advice on what different shades will do to your overall eye makeup.

White eyeliner

White eyeliner may not be on your radar, but using this product on your waterlines really works to open up your eyes and make them appear bigger. This style was very posh in the 1960s and since retro seems to be making a comeback, you'll be able to be ahead of the style curve by rocking this trend now.

Once you apply the white eyeliner on the waterlines, it's time to figure out what other makeup you should wear with the style. Since it is a throwback to the 60s, you may want to try and bring the look even further, using BH Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner in black on the top lids to create a winged out style. From here, add a touch of gold-or cream-toned eyeshadow on your top lids and finish of the look with tons of mascara.

Glamour Magazine reports trendsetters like the fashionable Kate Moss have been seen rocking similar winged-out eye makeup and who doesn't want to resemble this style icon?

The Beauty Department suggests keeping the rest of your cosmetics simple with this trend. A pop of pink blush on your cheeks and a pink lip color with peach undertones will be perfect for all skin tones.

Nude eyeliner

Nude eyeliner may seem silly, as some girls might assume this would be the same as wearing no eyeliner at all. However, adding in a bit of eyeliner on the waterlines in a shade a touch lighter than your natural complexion actually works to enhance the eyes and gives them a natural glow. It's unlikely that any admirers will even notice that you have makeup on this region, but they will notice how big and bright your eyes appear.

For this style, you can go a bit heavier on the eye makeup. Try an updated smokey eye using greens or purples that can be fun for summer. To achieve this style, start by rimming your upper lids in metallic silver eyeliner using a fine liner brush. Next, apply fun metallic eyeshadow shades in either lilac with a deeper eggplant or in a light green with a darker green and brown combo. Finish off this fab look with false lashes for a more dramatic statement.

InStyle Magazine reports the adorable Ellen Page, best known for her role in Juno, has been seen wearing this trend. However, Page added even more to her look by adding deep purple eyeliner under the waterlines on her bottom lids.

Black eyeliner

The final hue to try on your waterlines is basic black. This shade, unlike the other two, actually made the eyes look a bit smaller and closed, according to The Beauty Department. However, in exchange, the black gave the eyes a more "piercing" effect. Because of the serious vibe this eyeliner choice gives off, you should reserve using it for nighttime affairs. This deep and dark style may also look best with a classic smokey eye with accents of gold at the inner corner of your eyes for a touch of lightness.

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