Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
January Jones: Trendsetter or over the top?

January Jones is one celebrity that is always looking to push the envelope by rocking trends that are a bit out there. From her high fashion gowns to her changing hair color and style, there is nothing that seems to frighten this girl. Glamour Magazine recently asked if her blue cat eye makeup at the Primetime Emmys was a hit or a miss and we think it was certainly a hit. The unique play on a classic style proved she's got what it takes to stand out from the crowd and ladies everywhere should follow suit.

For this event Jones looked ultra cool and fresh, due in part to her couture gown and her wild makeup. To rock a similar version, you'll first need to pick up the appropriate products, including light blue, black and shimmering white eyeliner, silver, metallic blue and cream eyeshadow and false eyelashes.

To begin, apply a swipe of the white eyeliner on the water lines of your bottom lids - this helps to brighten the eye without being over dramatic. Next, apply the black eyeliner on your top and bottom lids, thickly spreading the product out past your brow lines on top. From here, move on to the silver eyeshadow and swipe it on at the inner corner of your eyes and up a bit on the top lids. Following this step, apply the blue eyeshadow on your top lids and spread it out past your brow lines to create the cat eye vibe. Use the light blue eyeshadow on top and bottom to help soften the darker blue eyeshadow and to create a uniform feel. Spread a bit of the blue eyeshadow from the center of your bottom lid and out and up to meet the eyeshadow spread on top. Finish the fab style by applying the false eyelashes for a dramatic, yet unique look.

With such wild eyes, it's best to keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Jones complimented the blue hues wearing peach-toned blush on her naturally high cheekbones that she started on the apples of her cheeks and spread out and upward toward her temples.

She rocked a similar colored lipstick on her perfect pout, though the product had bits of golden shimmer in it to help her stand out even more.

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