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Jordyn Wieber talks makeup, confidence

Gold medalist Jordyn Wieber may have it all, but that doesn't mean the teen star isn't insecure. Teen Vogue Magazine recently sat down with the athlete to discuss her success, being a role model to other teens and her favorite makeup looks during the recent London Olympics.

Although Wieber was really focused on nailing her routines during the Games, she still also worried about what makeup trends and hairstyles would look best to the judges and fans watching at home. She said she and the other members of the Fierce Five mainly try to match their makeup style to what their gymnastics outfits looked like.

"Typically we try to match our makeup to our leotards and I like to wear fun, colorful eyeshadows," Wieber told the publication. "I also wore lots of mascara and glitter."

Hair trouble and breakouts don't skip over athletes or actresses, and Wieber admitted to the mag that she, like any other teen girl, does have to work hard to keep blemishes and flyaways at bay. Her go-to tricks? Always washing her face at night and using tons of hairspray on competition days.

"I make sure to wash my face every night and every morning. I also always take off all of my makeup before I go to sleep," Wieber told fans in the September issue. She also discussed her hair routine for meets. "One of our requirements is that we have to have neat hair and it has to be slicked back pretty tightly. I used almost a whole can of hairspray at the Olympics!"

Wieber also finds being a role model to other girls inspiring, especially since she had to overcome a great loss in the singles competition during the Olympics. Instead of pouting and sulking, she got back on her feet and performed well in the team round to help take home the gold. She credits her family and past gymnastics greats for her confidence.

"All the past Olympic gymnasts and also my older sister [are my role models], Wieber told the news source. "She's always been there for me over the years and supported me. Now, she's in medical school."

Fans of Wieber's can try out her day-to-day look by going for the classic smoky eye. Wieber rocked the stylish makeup during her Teen Vogue shoot. For this style start by rimming your eyes in jet black eyeliner, making the product is thicker on top. Then apply charcoal and shimmering black eyeshadow on your top lids to finish it off. 

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