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Justin Beiber and Emma Watson named best hair in 2011

Justin Beiber may have won over a number of ladies' hearts with his signature swoosh haircut, but his short coif is not the only one that gained attention in 2011. Actress Emma Watson, who was once known for her "bushy" hair as Hermione in the Harry Potter movie series, has been setting trends with her daring pixie cut all year long. Both young celebrities were recognized by The Wall Street Journal for having the "most influential haircuts of the year."

While long locks like those of Jennifer Aniston have been topping the lists of best hair for years, 2011 proved that short is the new long, according to the newspaper. The news source reported that hairstylists were being "inundated" with requests, and the two young stars are topping the Google searches for celebrity hair cuts.

Short hair among women has not been trendy since the 1990s, the publication pointed out, noting that Watson's trend-setting hairstyle is a marked change in recent fads. In addition to its low-maintenance appeal, the hairstyle allows women to show off fun makeup styles.

Watson has continuously proved that short strands are perfect for framing gorgeous makeup trends like smoky eyeshadow, brightly colored eye liner, red lips and luscious lashes. 

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