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Kate Hudson dishes on her love affair with makeup

Actress Kate Hudson is one of the freshest faces in the business, as she mixes boho chic with major glamour. Perhaps the key to her success is learning the wonders of makeup from an early age. Hudson recently discussed her love of beauty products with Elle Magazine.

For Hudson, looking her best doesn't mean piling on the eyeshadow or lipstick, instead she prefers to simply enhance what her mama gave her.

"I don't like anything that takes too much trouble, because I just don't have any time," Hudson said in regards to her beauty routine, according to the publication. "I mean, I want to enhance, I want to feel fresh, but it's like, I just can't be bothered..."

Hudson is no stranger to playing with her look. Hudson learned a lot of tricks of the trade thanks in part to her mother, actress Goldie Hawn.

"I grew up on sets with my dad and my mom, and for each movie, I'd work in different departments. Makeup was always one of the most fun and interesting," Hudson said on her unique upbringing, the magazine reports. "My approach to makeup is to enhance people's most prominent feature, whether it be your cheekbones, eyes, or lips. And I got that from watching so many wonderful makeup artists."

The actress proves she likes to share her wealth of knowledge, particularly by transforming her friends for premieres or holidays.

"I like doing other people's makeup, too. I just like playing with makeup," Hudson admitted to Elle. "If I have the time to do it, which is not very often, I'll do it for my girlfriends - especially on Halloween."

In regards to what she believes is her best feature, Hudson admits she loves her green eyes the most. She also opened up about what her favorite eye makeup products are.

"I concentrate on my eyes. For daytime, I love liquid eyeshadows - it's so easy," Hudson told the news source. "At night, I like to go a little bit stronger - get out the eyeliner and have some fun. I like the [smokey] eye..."

Ladies who want to look just like the blonde beauty should try to enhance their eyes using makeup palettes that work specifically on certain eye colors. Girls with green peepers like Hudson should opt for eyeshadow for greens eyes including products in various purple and brown shades.

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