Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Katy Perry pushes purple

Katy Perry's hair may still be blue, but her attitude seems to be more cheery since announcing her separation from hubby Russell Brand. The superstar was recently seen rocking a colorful ensemble while attending and performing at a pre-Super Bowl party.

Perry looked sassy in her outfit that consisted of a furry purple vest and multi-toned pleated skirt. More surprising than her colorful outfit, however was the tameness of her cosmetics. The singer kept her big baby blue eyes shining with the addition of jet black eyeliner on her upper and lower lids and eyeshadow in shades of deep blue and shimmering gray. She added bronzer on her cheeks and one of the season's hottest trends - red lipstick with tangerine undertones in a lip gloss finish.

Perry's blue hair worked well with the color palette of her ensemble. Her sea-foam toned pleated skirt was fun and funky. The addition of a light purple, white and black pattern on the middle of the skirt added even more flare. Perry pumped up the volume even more - literally - with her fluffy deep purple vest and her strappy and sparkling teal pumps.  

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