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Ke$ha rocks velvet suit at Jingle Ball event

Singer Ke$ha is known for her over-the-top looks at award shows and in her everyday life. However, her look was rather tame during her appearance at the annual Kiss FM Jingle Ball 2012 event. The crooner was covered from head to toe and dazzled with a fresh complexion.

Ke$ha turned heads during the event thanks in part to her minimal makeup. She donned light pink lipstick on her pout in a matte finish and enhanced her cheeks by swiping on a light peach blush starting on the apples of her cheeks and moving up and out toward her temples for a natural vibe. The true star was the singer's impressive eye makeup, as the modest smokey eye style worked effortlessly to enhance her blue peepers.

Even though Ke$ha may have won in the makeup department, some fashionistas may still question her ensemble. The singer was a bit wild in a chocolate brown crushed velvet suit adorned with a metallic gold pattern. She added even more texture and patterns thanks to a colored scarf consisting of seafoam green, lime green and multiple shades of brown.

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