Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Ke$ha: The girl behind the glitter

Ke$ha may be best known for her funky makeup ideas - from multi-colored glitter to glow-in-the-dark tribal paint - this pop star has literally tried it all. However, for a recent photo shoot in Glamour Magazine, Ke$ha proved that she's not trying to hide anything behind all that makeup. Natural makeup palettes allowed her God-given beauty - including freckles - to shine through in what Us Weekly called her "most shocking look yet."

In the shoot, the blonde TiK ToK singer donned a simple white off-the-shoulder sweater, black shorts and beige fishnets. Her wardrobe is shocking enough for hardcore fans, since she usually puts off a carefree rocker vibe, with holes in her stockings and denim, furry accessories and lots of glitter.

But it was her fresh-faced makeup that surprised most people. Instead of piles of eyeshadow in colors that you might find in a Crayola box, the songstress is rocking a gorgeously natural eyeshadow palette that helps her baby blues stand out. Just enough bronzer, blush and a hint of lip color accentuated her beautiful features. 

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