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Kristen Stewart goes glam

Actress Kristen Stewart continues to get more stylish at every event she attends, and fans and critics alike are loving the new K-Stew. Most recently, the actress turned heads in a stunning black and white lace gown while attending the 4th Annual Governors Awards in Hollywood.

Aside from her gorgeous frock, Stewart also dazzled thanks to her fabulous makeup. The starlet enhanced her pout wearing light pink lipstick with golden shimmer mixed in. For the cheeks, Stewart added a rosy-toned blush on the apples of her cheeks, moving the product up and out toward her temples for a natural glow. The best feature was the "Twilight" star's perfect smokey eye makeup. She wowed with this style, as the shimmering charcoal shadow mixed with a lighter hue at her inner corners helped her peepers shine.

The grown-up complexion worked well with her dazzling and chic gown. The frock had a black and white lace patterned top with delicate capped sleeves and a bit of sparkle. The long black, form-fitting skirt showed off her curves and helped accentuate the ladylike top. One aspect of style Stewart is sticking to is the nonchalant overly parted hairstyle she loves so dearly.

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