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Lauren Conrad dishes on makeup trends

Former reality TV darling Lauren Conrad has evolved into more than just a pretty face. In fact, the California girl now has a clothing line, is a published author and takes time out of her busy schedule to educate young ladies on the top trends in fashion and makeup via her blog, The Beauty Department. Seventeen Magazine recently spoke to Conrad when she was attending New York City Fashion Week to pick her brain on what she thinks will be hot in the coming seasons.

The diva also discussed her newest book, "Lauren Conrad, Beauty." Conrad credits her desire to write the book based off all of the fun and crazy experiences she's had in the fashion industry.

"I've learned so many things along the way, working with hairstylists and makeup artists at photo shoots - this book was an opportunity for me to share all of that," LC told the news source.

Although she wanted to make the book relevant with the fashion and cosmetic styles happening now, she also admitted she tried to make sure she touched on more classic and timeless styles to ensure the book would be just as helpful to girls now as it will be 10 or 20 years from now.

Conrad believes her fans will get the most out of the makeup section of the book as it can be hard to replicate looks from stars or models, even if they look easy. LC worked with her friend and celebrity makeup artist to create step-by-step examples of some of the most popular looks, including the smoky eye and the cat eye.

"I think that makeup can be challenging, especially when you are younger. Everybody learns in different ways, whether it’s tearing out pages in magazines or replicating what your friends do. I think that it’s really nice to learn that makeup is different for every person," Conrad told the publication. "Everyone has a different feature on their face that they like to show off. One of the main messages in this book is to have fun with makeup. It’s not meant to cover you up. It’s meant to show off your favorite things about yourself."

Conrad adds that her go-to look is the cat eye style, and admits as much as she likes to try other trends, she typically falls back on the cat eye when she's going out with friends or even to more sophisticated events.

Ladies can achieve the LC cat eye style by applying a thin layer of eyeliner on their bottom lids and then using a liquid black eyeliner on their top lids, making the product thicker as it goes out and up toward the brow lines.

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