Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
LC says: Out with the eyeliner, in with the eyeshadow

Trying out new makeup trends is great for ladies looking to take a walk on the wild side. Lauren Conrad recently gave her best advice for making bold eyeshadow hues your new best friend on

LC loves using eyeliner, but she finds that girls who have naturally small eyes might benefit even more from using eyeshadow to enhance their baby blues, greens or browns in place of the go-to pen. Even more outrageous, the fashion maven suggests girls try using the thicker applique under their eyes.

According to Conrad, this will "draw attention to your eyes without closing them up." Ladies with larger peepers are also encouraged to try out this fun look to create a softer appearance.

If you typically use eyeliner as an accent, try drawing a thin line, like you normally would, with the eyeshadow of your choice instead. Conrad suggests using light shades like white, gold, silver, light blue or jade green to add a pop of color in an unlikely place. You may want to get a make up brush set in order to play with different sizes for more or less drama.

For ladies looking to go big-time bold, LC suggests applying shadow with a thicker brush, in a darker shade. However, never use black, she warns. Instead, try deep purple, a shimmering copper or electric blue. Those who are really daring might even use two tones on their under-eyes - one light shade from the inner corner to the center of the lower lid and a darker hue from the center to the outer corner. 

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