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Lily Collins' best beauty tips

When it comes to bold beauty, actress Lily Collins has the technique down-pat. "The Blind Side" star also happens to be the daughter of famous musician Phil Collins, which means she knows a thing or two about being in the spotlight. Collins has learned a few beauty tricks over the years, and she's shared her favorite makeup tips with you:

Find your inner princess
Not only did Collins play the character of Snow White in "Mirror Mirror," but her pale skin and dark features help her resemble the princess in real life. On the red carpet, Collins often sports simple eye makeup and red lips to emulate the fictional royal. The look is striking, and encourages girls to find their inner Disney princess.

Embrace your quirks
Collins has one prominent feature that one can't help but notice: her large eyebrows. The actress credits her mother for teaching her to embrace the things that make her different: "It's the quirky things that make you beautiful," she told Glamour.

Keep it simple
During the day, Collins likes to keep her makeup simple. You can get her laid back style by applying moisturizer, a touch of powder, mascara and a natural-toned lip color - you'll be ready for school and out the door in less than five minutes!

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