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Nicki Minaj's look steals the show during H&M Versace launch party performance

A few days ago, global clothing company H&M celebrated the launch of a new collection designed by Versace. The event was host to a number of celebrities, including Nicki Minaj, Prince, Blake Lively, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Hudson.

"It was the perfect evening, so glamorous and special," said Donatella Versace.

The catwalk was littered with models draped in the new clothing line that will be available worldwide next week, and Donatella even designed a few numbers just for the evening. The line features bright colors and patterns that will make it easy for girls to pick and choose nearly any color from their makeup palettes

The launch party wasn't all about fashion, either. The Los Angeles Times reports that Prince and Nicki Minaj both gave special performances. Nicki was as hard to miss on the red carpet, as she was on stage in a bold dress and matching leggings covered in neon flowers and Japanese fans. To top it off, Nicki's hair was big, curly and bright green, matching her eye makeup perfectly.

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