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Nigeria Fashion Week goes green

From gowns made from recycled materials to bright verdant eye makeup, Nigeria's Fashion Week went green - both literally and figuratively, CNN reports.

The color and material was the first theme the fashion event was given in eight years to create awareness for environmental issues, the news source reports.

Lexy Mojo-Eyes, president of Nigeria Fashion Week, told the news source that the creators of the shows wanted to contribute to what seems like a global trend of going green.

"We thought this is our little contribution," he told the news source.

Designers used the green theme in different ways. One used real fish scales that he collected from fish shops to make a mermaid-inspired look, while others used recycled paper, plastic bags or textiles to make original designs.

Others took the green theme literally, adorning their models with lime-colored dressed with leafy accents. These models also donned fierce green eye makeup to make a statement. Although this color can be tricky, it is also versatile. Choose from shades of teal, aquamarine or chartreuse to pick a shade that best matches your makeup palette. 

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