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Pair your makeup with jewelry trends

The warm weather is finally starting to appear in most parts of the country and with the summer heat comes new makeup and jewelry trends. Ladies may not think the two connect, but in fact, pairing the right statement pieces with stellar cosmetics can actually make you stand out. Lauren Conrad recently broke down the best pairings on her fashion and beauty website,

Statement earrings

Fabulously bold earrings are a perfect jewelry option for showing off your tan or a bold updo hairstyle. LC reports the best makeup to match with bright earrings is equally bright lips. This doesn't mean the colors have to match, but they just both need to be bold - think of it as color blocking with accessories.

For this trend, if your earrings are a bold tangerine orange, you may want to go with a hot pink lip color or a candy apple red lipstick for an intense and stunning style. Because your lips and ears will be the focus, keep the rest of your makeup simple. A touch of tangerine-toned bronzer on your cheeks will help tie in the earrings and a hint of gold eyeshadow will give you a stunning glow.

Pop singer Jessie J was seen rocking this stellar trend while modeling for a fashion shoot for Glamour magazine.

Aztec inspired ring

The boho and hippie feel tends to come alive in the spring and summer and a great way to emphasize your easy-breezy side is by picking up an oversized ring with turquoise and red stones. According to LC, the best makeup for this fashion statement is to clash your cosmetics with the colors found in the ring. That's right ladies, clash. LC reports clashing with the colors means keeping your makeup understated as this allows the ring to be the focal point of your ensemble.

To achieve this style, start by switching out your face primer and instead apply a touch of light bronzer all over your face using makeup brushes. Add a drop of Vaseline to your cheeks with your hands for that dewy glow. To finish off this look, apply a touch of clear or light pink lip gloss and voila, you're ready to hit up that music festival or backyard barbecue.

InStyle Magazine reports this easy and funky style was represented big time by celebrities like Kate Bosworth and Alexa Chung during the recent Coachella music festival.

Art Deco jewelry

An art deco style necklace is a fun way to play up your retro fashion sense. According to, ladies should pair retro jewelry with equally retro eye makeup. When thinking about 60s makeup, the cat eye comes to mind and this timeless look is a perfect choice when wearing vintage jewels.

To achieve the perfect cat eye, start by using eye primer on your lids to keep colors in place. Next, apply a thin layer of black eyeliner on your bottom lids using a fine liner brush and then apply a thicker layer of eyeliner on your top lids, extending the product out past your brow lines. It may be helpful to use a product like BH Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner for an easier spread. Finally, apply a shimmery gold or cream toned eyeshadow to finish off your eyes. Add a touch of pink blush on your cheeks and a muted cranberry red lipstick to your lips to achieve a perfect pout.

Metallic rings

Many ladies might assume the best way to enhance sassy gold and silver metallic jewelry is with metallic makeup, but according to LC this is so overdone. Instead, the fashionista suggests ladies wearing a lot of metallic bling go for minimalist makeup to help the jewelry stand out.

To get this sweet look, leave your lids bare and instead apply a volumizing mascara to make your eyelashes seem longer. Then apply a peachy-toned blush on your cheekbones for a surprising glow. 

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