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Rendezvous with updated red lips

Red lips continue to impress with both stars on the red carpet and ladies looking to stand out in class or on campus. Although you may assume you know everything about this stunning and modern lip color, has found three new ways to make your friends red with envy.

According to the news outlet, stars like Zooey Deschanel and Coco Rocha have been showing off the best new ways to rock red in 2012.

Deschanel went for a pinkish-red lipstick. She paired the lip color with tons of girly pink blush, which she applied on her cheekbones using makeup brushes. The "New Girl" actress kept her eyes playful with winged out eyeliner on her upper lids.

Model Rocha rocked a retro red lip and eye combo. She certainly stepped up her game by applying a funky red lipstick with tangerine undertones in a matte finish. The model then added dramatic eye makeup by way of an exaggerated winged out style on her upper lids using metallic colored eyeshadow. Rocha's eyes were a shimmery cream tone from her inner eye to halfway across the lid before switching over to a metallic silver hue. She added more drama with tons of bronzer on her cheeks.

Model Dree Hemingway rocked red in a perfect summertime style. Hemingway wore candy apple red lipstick and kept the rest of her face clean and natural. A touch of brown and gold eyeshadow on her eyes and a swipe of light pink blush on her cheeks looked both minimalist and modern.

Glamour Magazine reports all reds do not work with every skin tone. Fair skinned ladies should look for red lipstick with coral undertones. Medium skin ladies need a cranberry red color and girls with a dark complexion look best in rich hues like burgundy red. 

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