Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Rihanna mixes sassy with classy

The always fabulous Rihanna recently showed off her wild and sweet side while attending a CIROC party in Miami.

Rihanna looked sultry and ultra feminine in her dress that combined sheer fabric and animal print. Because the look was so dark, Rihanna was able to have fun with her cosmetics. She went with a cherry red lipstick in a lip gloss finish and a touch of shimmering bronzer on her cheeks. Rihanna added her own personal flare through her eyeshadow, opting for shades of gold, a sparkling white and jet black eyeliner.

Her dress helped show off her wild side as the sheer long sleeved dress had an animal print instead of a girly lace fabric. The print was on the entire dress, however the sleeves showed it off the most, while the body of the dress displayed a more subdued version of the pattern. The high neckline gave way to a tear drop opening, showing off just a touch of skin. The addition of a velvet ribbon around her waist only further infused the luxurious feel of the fun ensemble. Rihanna added strappy pointed-toe heels and kept her ever-color-changing locks up in a high ponytail with her natural curls falling gently into place around her.  

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