Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Scarlett Johansson rocks the red carpet with teal eyeshadow

Scarlett Johansson's lacy black dress was far from boring as she took to the red carpet at the premiere of her new movie, We Bought A Zoo, last night. However, the actress added color and character to her monotone outfit with her hair and makeup.

Johansson's textured, belted black frock hit just below her knees and featured an elegant, fitted bodice and full back that formed miniature cap sleeves over her shoulders. Her dress, though on the plain side, was accented perfectly with the actress's unique updo and dramatic eye makeup.

Viewed from the top, it can be understood that Johansson's hair was swept up from all sides of her head and rolled into retro victory rolls that formed a crescent around the crown of her head, adding to her vintage look.

ScarJo's eye makeup was perhaps the most dramatic part of her outfit. Teal eyeshadow was used to accent her green eyes. A deep blue eyeliner was also used to define the actress's lids before applying a coat of mascara.  

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