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Selena Gomez gets classy at the AMAs

The red carpet at the 2011 American Music Awards was alit with more than just flashes of paparazzi cameras, as many of the celebs were decked out in glittering gowns, including Selena Gomez. She didn't even have to worry about the dress dragging on the carpet as she made her way from photo-op to photo-op because her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, was there to hold it for her, according to the Daily Mail.

Bieber was even kind enough to kiss her on the cheek so he didn't smudge her soft coral lip color. Selena's eye makeup was played down and subtle, but still sparkled enough to complement her gown. Her long tresses were loosely curled to give her the appeal of classic beauty.

The young singer's look was enough to get a lot of attention, but did not scream 'Look at me!" Her dress was timeless, tasteful and drew her a lot of attention from her boyfriend and the paparazzi.

Her man, on the other hand, was a little less classy in his wardrobe selection for the evening. If a velvet tuxedo isn't strange enough, the Bieb paired it with a pair of shiny black high-tops. He even chose a shirt that did not disguise his bow tie's collar, which may have made a statement, but the message was unclear.

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