Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Selena Gomez rocks coral hues

Selena Gomez continues to rock her wild deep purple and midnight blue strands of hair and she went for complete rocker-chic while working the red carpet during an appearance in Mexico City.

The young, beautiful triple-threat looked hip and comfortable in her ensemble and her flashy cosmetics. Gomez opted for red lipstick with tangerine undertones and fresh, sun kissed bronzer on her cheeks. She made sure her big brown eyes stood out, rocking plenty of dark eyeliner on her upper and lower lids and eyeshadow in shades of silver and plum.

Gomez's outfit consisted of white-washed short jean shorts, a faded white tank top and an adorable coral-toned cropped blazer. The look was both casual enough to wear day-to-day and put together enough to walk the red carpet. The addition of her mile-high black platform booties added some high fashion to the ensemble. Justin Bieber's better half (maybe) was certainly showing off her personality in this getup and we're sure the outfit resonated well with her adoring fans. The addition of the strands of colorful hair showed that she isn't afraid of taking risks with her career or her fashion statements. 

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