Celebrity Eye Makeup News & Tips (545)
Sharpening your eyeliner skills

Eyeliner is at the root of most trendy eyeshadow palettes. A swipe of black liquid liner can ground more bold, colorful trends, while brown pencil can add drama to a neutral look. However, without knowing how to apply eye makeup like this, it can be hard to rock any of these trends.

Priming your eyes before applying eyeliner is key, according to Marie Claire. Because eyelids are the greasiest part of your face, eyeliner tends to smudge easily. Use an oil-free makeup remover before applying a light layer of foundation and translucent powder over your eyelid. These cosmetics will help the liner stay put.

The news source recommends keeping eyeliner on your top lid three times thicker than the liner on your bottom lid to prevent a raccoon look. Also, do not pull your lid taut when applying, because once you let go, the line will be crooked because of the natural wrinkles of the skin.

Of course, no makeup will last without a few touch-ups. Remember to keep as much eye contact as you can with the mirror while applying liner, the news outlet reports. About 80 percent of your makeup should be done looking straight into the mirror to achieve the best results. 

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